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Introducing our fresh rinds, the perfect snack made with the finest ingredients. Indulge in the deliciousness today!

porkskins pic.jpg
 These pork skins are delicious. Great to see this family doing this business.
  -------Sheila Weibert recommends Better Batch Porkskins LLC. ·
  I bought the plain and BBQ skins along with the salty peanuts. The pork skins are so soft but crunchy, it’s not over bearing with flavor and you can tell it’s homemade with love. I would love a hot and spicy version one day
_____Drew Allen recommends Better Batch Porkskins LLC.
  recently had the chance to try out your cracklins and porkskins. my family and I were NOT disappointed. we just bought from you yesterday and one of the 4 bags is gone lol They both are crunchy and so flavorful. We will definitely find you again at another Farmers Market to buy more.
-------Lindsay Godwin Guthrie recommends Better Batch Porkskins LLC.
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